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I have precious 78 rpm records and am worried about putting them in the post?

Generally the more discs in a package the less likely there is to be any damage. Discs provide protection for each other. 78 rpm records are strong but brittle. When parceling use plenty of bubble wrap and thick cardboard, this certainly helps. The discs should be protected on both sides, preferably by several squares of card. Cut the card into squares a little larger than the discs and fix these squares firmly around them with adhesive tape.The record itself will then be held tightly and safely by the pressure.

If you are concerned, a collection and delivery service can be arranged. postage & packing 

How many records and tapes can I get onto a CD?

Each CD runs for 80 minutes, so you need to calculate the running time of your material.
Approx disc lengths. 78s - 2/3 min, 45s - 3 min and vinyl LPs - approx 20 - 25 min per side.

After posting my records and tapes to you, how long will it take?

As soon as I receive your order, they will normally be transferred and despatched promptly back to you within 3 - 5 working days.

Will my finished CD play on all equipment?

Yes, the CD recording format that we use is compatible with hi-fi home audio, in - car entertainment systems, and computer CD readers.

My tapes and records are in an awful condition, can you do anything with them?

Yes, I have means of cleaning, repairing and restoring badly affected tapes and discs. Tapes that are shedding oxide and require baking and editing are always a challenge - but I can cope!

Can you remove all the clicks and crackle from my old records?

No. There is no known process that can restore a recording to the quality of the original. But I can improve the situation considerably by filtering out much of the damage . Most clicks and pops can be removed and hiss significantly reduced. I can eliminate much of the noise made by scratches on a record and leave the original recording in tact. restoration.

I have a very large record collection that I would like to transfer, would there be a discount for a bulk order?

Yes, depending on the quantity, please contact me for a quotation.

My grandson has a computer that can make CDs, why couldn't he do this for me?

He would need the appropriate replay equipment and professional skills to handle the old media without further damage to records and tapes. He would also have to use an adequate PC capable of driving commercial computer software programs, to successfully restore the original recordings using digital processing.

Can you convert my old records and tapes to any other format than CD?

Yes, I have facilities to copy to any digital or analog audio format.

Can you print graphics, text and photographs to the CD label and inlay cards?

As standard procedure I scan your LP or EP record sleeve to fit the CD jewel case.
In addition to this I can offer a graphics service but I would require your artwork and listing instructions with the order.
A separate quotation would be given for this service.

After you have transferred my personal archive records and tapes to CD, can you make copies and send them to my friends and family?

Most certainly, I can despatch copies directly from my studio in 'ESSEX'.

How can I be sure that my completed CDs will sound as good as the original recording?

If you have any doubts regarding quality of the finished CD, I would always be prepared to send a sample of your material for approval first.

I have some recordings on open reel tapes, cassettes and others on LPs, can you take different items and put them in a certain order on the finished CD?

Yes, once I have all the recordings, then I can edit them into a running order of your choice.

If I wanted to have a CD copy of my 78 records complete with clicks and crackle for authenticity, can this be done?

Yes, many people like to hear the original recording complete with some surface noise. It often brings alive the atmosphere of the era.

I have a recording on audio cassette of my grandaughters piano concert, unfortunately it's got a hissing sound on it - can you do anything about it?

Yes, with our noise reduction digital software, I can successfully restore and vastly improve poor recordings that contain hiss, buzz and sources of unwanted interference.

On the new CD that you produce, I want to be able to access every item by the track number like commercial CDs, is this possible?

Yes, I can identify all the items with a track number in the order that you specify. The maximum number of tracks on any one CD can be anything up to 99 ! but remember, there is only 80 minutes total playing time.

If you have further questions or concerns, please phone or e-mail.

John Shaw - 01708 342553 / 07941 556912




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