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Shaw Sounds - Offer a high quality professional audio transfer and remastering service.

 All equipment meets stringent standards for accuracy and reliability.

Audio can be transferred to any format 16, 24 bit sampling.

All studio equipment is of the highest quality and maintained regularly -

Studer  |  Revox  |  EMT  | Spendor  |  HHB  | Quad |  Tascam  |  Sony  |  Cedar Audio,

Digital software -

 Algorithmix  |  Steinberg  WavLab |  Cedar Audio | iZotope | Adobe Audition, izotope, Cool Edit Pro.


EMT 950 direct drive turntables are used as standard replay units for LP and 78 rpm records. They are recognised as the industry standard in the field of broadcasting.



Reel to Reel  tapes are reproduced on Studer A807 & A810  professional machines. These superb recorders give accurate and faithful frequency responses throughout the range & offer speeds 3.75 to 30 ips. We also use Revox B77 recorders for 4-track formats.



Cassette tapes are played on Studer A710 - A721 & Nakamichi professional machines. These decks are real workhorses that can cater for many formats including dolby B, C & S, HX Pro and have the facilities for manual azimuth allignment to obtain optimum frequency responses.


EMT Turntables  are regularly maintained for peak playback quality. Styli too are regularly changed for optimum results.

Moving Coil and Magnetic cartridges used: EMT, Dynavector, Coral, Ortofon, Stanton & Shure.


Digital Hardware  "Cedar Audio" duo declickle & dehiss noise reduction and BRX de-buzzer rack mount units for processing are used. 



Repairs  to damaged records & audio cassettes, 8 - track cartridges etc, can be salvaged prior to transfer.


Open reel tapes  that are severely damaged and have suffered from deterioration over the years, can be baked, spliced, edited and restored. Every effort is made to remedy the imperfections of original material.

If you have any questions regarding audio transfer and restoration, please feel free to contact me.

Phone 01708 342553.

John Shaw.




Audio transfer of records and tapes to CD

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SHAW SOUNDS Professional Audio Transfer and restoration

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