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 Prices & Payment 





Vinyl Transfers

33 rpm Vinyl LP Records (10" & 12")  £15 per LP (Special price for April)

45 rpm Vinyl Singles (7") transfer  £8 per side 

Vinyl Singles (12") transfer  £14 per side 33/45 rpm

Vinyl EPs (7") transfer  £10 per side

16" Vinyl BBC transcription discs transfer  £20 per side 

Full mastering of 12" LP Vinyl £40 per side

Manual restoration  £30 per hour (pro-rata)

Additional cost for special requirements such as editing gap length, fades, EQ requirements etc £10.00


78 rpm Shellac Transfers

78 rpm Shellac records (6"- 8")  £10 per side

78 rpm Shellac records (10")  £12 per side

78 rpm Shellac records (12")  £14 per side

Manual restoration   £28 per hour (pro rata)

Repairs to broken shellac records  £10 - £30 (depending on damage)


78 rpm Acetate Discs

Acetate discs (6" - 8")  £10 per side

Acetate discs (10")  £12 per side

Acetate discs (12")  £14 per side

Acerate discs (14")  £16 per side

Manual restoration  £28 per hour (pro rata)


Aluminium 'Voice Message' Discs

5" Aluminium 'Message' discs  £12 per side

6" Aluminium 'Message' discs  £14 per side

7" Aluminium 'Message' discs  £15 per side

10" Aluminium 'Message' discs  £16 per side

Manual restoration  £28 per hour (pro rata)


Audio Cassettes

C 30 & C60 cassettes to CD  £12 per side

C90 cassettes to CD  £14 per side

C100 cassettes to CD  £15 per side

C120 cassettes to CDs  £22 per side (2 x CDs required)

Baking of tape cassettes  £10

Repairs to cassette tape (broken or tangled)  £10 - £25


Dictaphone Cassettes

Dictaphone Cassettes (Mini - and Microcassettes - standard play)  £15 per 30 minute side

Dictaphone Cassettes (Mini - and Microcassettes - long play)  £25 per 60 minute side


1/4" Reel to Reel Tape

Domestic reel to reel tape (up to 7" reels)  £35 per hour + editing & restoration

2-channel studio master reel to reel tape (7") (includes baking)  £30 per tape

2-channel studio master reel to reel tape (10.5") (includes baking)  £40 per tape


Wax cylinder to digital – POA.

Wire recordings - £55

8-Track Cartridges - £25

MiniDisc Transfer 

SP MiniDisc (80 mins)  £35 per disc

LP MiniDisc (LP2) 2 hr 40 mins  £50 per disc

LP MiniDisc (LP4) 5 hours  £65 per disc


DAT Cassette Tape

DAT Cassette  £35.00

DAT Cassette (less than 20 mins)  £25

CD to USB Memory Stick £8.00 per CD


VHS & Betamax tapes (audio track only) - £30 per tape

Studio editing  £40 per hour

Additional CD copies - £6

Baking service (per tape) - £10 


All transfers can be produced to WAV, FLAC, AIFF, MP3 and other file formats of your choice.

For large quantities of records and tapes, a discount can be offered - please inquire.



Direct bank transfer:

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Account: 48049868

Also - Cheque & Cash




 All vinyl and shellac records are thoroughly wet cleaned before conversion.

All records and tapes are reproduced on professional EMT studio turntables and Studer tape machines.

Cedar noise reduction is available for all conversions to remove clicks, crackle, buzz and hiss.

Tracking numbers will also be inserted to the final CD master for easy navigation.

For large quantity transfers of either records, tapes or digital media, please contact us for a quotation.


Should you require help with pricing, please call John Shaw - 01708 342553 / 07941 556912.


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